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Blockchain ID Reinvented

The future of wallet identity & token ownership verification

We scan your ID

Validate Wallet Identity

Validate Token Ownership

Enable Access or Service


The Revolution

Tokiphy revolutionizes the way blockchain wallets and tokens are authenticated for identity and token ownership through one seamless process: an initial setup that binds a smartcard to your wallet.


Why Choose Tokiphy


For Users

To identify yourself and your tokens, you only need to use a smartcard or chip. There is no need for direct interaction with your wallet.


For Validators

Service providers such as event organizers, authorities, institutions, companies, or other entities in industries like sport, music, fashion, lifestyle, art and hospitality space.

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For Creators

Our solution is utilized by NFT artists and brands for various purposes such as NFT ticketing, membership, access control, and new token-gated experiences.


For You

Our validation solution is liked by brands and innovative web3 projects for being simple, safe, and fast.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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