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Default Wallet

Tokiphy Wallet is a technology solution to simplify user wallet access.
Each Tokiphy Card comes with a default Ethereum, Polygon (Matic) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet that is assigned to the card during manufacturing and initialization. After a user has claimed the Tokiphy Card, in a second step, the user can claim the default wallet, initiate token transfers and key export.

Custom Wallet

Users can link their existing wallets to the Tokiphy Card via Metamask or Wallet Connect, alongside the default wallet available. This allows both wallets to be verified in real-time for token ownership.


Tokiphy Validator is a service that helps identify the owner of a blockchain wallet and confirms their token ownership. To use it, you will need two hardware components: a Tokiphy Card or Chip and a Tokiphy Reader device.

The Tokiphy Card is connected to a blockchain wallet belonging to the user. By using the Tokiphy Reader hardware to scan the card, we are able to verify the user's token ownership and identify their wallet in a single step.


Tokiphy Studio is a new platform where creators and validators can create tokens, such as NFTs, membership tokens, and certificates. These tokens can be given to users or assigned to Tokiphy Cards. Tokiphy Studio also offers customization options for the artwork and packaging of these cards and chips to fit individual branding and marketing preferences.

"Validating blockchain identity and token ownership has never been easier."


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