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Blockchain ID


Tokiphy revolutionizes the way blockchain wallets and tokens are authenticated for identity and token ownership. Rather than relying on a multitude of disparate, non-interoperable solutions with awkward user experiences, Tokiphy simplifies wallet access and token validation through one seamless process: an initial setup that binds a smartcard to your wallet.

Instantly authenticate a person's Tokiphy Card, user wallet identity and token ownership with one swift scan - no need for direct access to the blockchain wallet.

To make the process of onboarding to blockchain easier, Tokiphy Cards come with a pre-assigned blockchain wallet address that can actually be used on Ethereum, Polygon (Matic) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Creators have the option to load or drop NFT tokens in advance and distribute these cards among their users. Once they receive a card (e.g., ticket or collection of NFTs), it's possible for them to claim it and gain access and control over its default wallet. Additionally, they are able to transfer an NFT token into their personal wallets if desired.


Tokiphy Cards are the perfect companion for any occasion, be it as a gift-card, membership card, access control or even keycards associated with your favorite brand. With their revolutionary and secure token authentication system that promises to provide you with an unprecedented level of speed and safety, Tokiphy allows brands, creators and businesses alike to create amazing real-life experiences unlike anything else available on the market today!

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