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Who We Are

We are a hardware startup focused on innovation, creating exceptional products for both consumer and industrial use.

Our team is passionate and experienced, with more than 30 years of professional experience in product design, engineering, and marketing. Plus, we love blockchain technology!

Lars has been interested in hardware engineering since he was a kid. In 2015 he got interested in blockchain technology, built out of interest his own hardware wallet, and wrote all the code.


Dirk with his artistic roots and love for fabrics and design spent 20 years in Florence, Italy, gaining vast experience in the fashion industry. He helped companies to build luxury fashion brands as merchandiser and even designed his own collection. Dirk is also very excited about art and digital collectibles, holds several luxury NFTs and participates in famous online communities as a speaker or advisor.

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Our Mission

Simplifying the process of accessing wallets and validating tokens through a single, seamless process is our mission. 

This will address the current challenge of user authentication and token validation, which has been a barrier to mass adoption.

Core Values


Join us on this journey as we continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.


At Tokiphy, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way people access and use token-gated services by leveraging blockchain technology.


We are committed to making blockchain wallets more accessible and user friendly than ever before.

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